E-Nutrition R&D hub: changing eating habits through digital technology

Created in January 2015, Nutrikéo’s e-nutrition R&D hub focusses on studying and developing innovative solutions (such as video games, augmented reality and connected objects) to lastingly change eating habits.

We have made the following observations: one in four children do not know that battered fish is made of fish, and 96% of French people do not manage to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

15 years after the launch of the PNNS, it seems reasonable to believe that certain areas need perfecting. We believe that e-nutrition, particularly gamification, is a springboard for changing behaviour in complement to actions on the ground.

We have created a cross-disciplinary team which includes nutritionists, a digital project manager and a PhD student specialising in studying eating behaviours.

Our mission: putting our skills in nutrition and digital technology at the service of Public Health.

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KOAM: the first project from the E-Nutrition R&D hub

Launched in September 2016, KOAM is the 1st fun and digital platform on nutrition education for all the family.

Nutrition is an important subject which must be taken seriously, which is why KOAM offers a simple and entertaining way to learn how to “KOAM-eat” as a family. We like to refer to it as “Nutri-training”!

KOAM is available for computers, tablets and smart phones and is composed of three modules:

  • Casual Games designed for children (6-10 years)
  • A unique Serious Game for teenagers (11-17 years) with tasks to complete and problems to solve
  • A mobile application with dietary support and advice for adults, with a unique algorithm that simplifies following a balanced diet on a daily basis.

These three modules offer players the chance to win points for their family which can be converted into rewards offered by our partners.

watch a presentation of KOAM


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KOAM was developed through collaboration between Nutrikéo’s E-nutrition R&D team and a panel of experts with complementary skills (including doctors, nutritionists, a paediatrician and an anthropologist).

An example of pioneering and disruptive technology, the product is being evaluated over a period of three years and is the subject of a PhD contract with CIFRE, in partnership with the universities of Bordeaux Montaigne and Paris 8.

Also supported by BPI France, Nouvelle Aquitaine region, KOAM was one of the 100 winning projects in the French IoT competition by La Poste in 2015.

KOAM: Play, Learn, Share.